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The Giant Backyard that is Facebook

January 6, 2010

Day 4: It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m up with my Facebook friends. A few were on my page yesterday, and I must pick up the conversational thread.  The urge to be hospitable follows me everywhere. There was a comment left dangling about a recent episode of the Bachelor, and a question about an old laundry commercial (Tide, I believe it was) that used to make us laugh. Have I made my daughter’s breakfast, or lunch?  Have I washed my face? No, but I’ve made a couple of Twitter entries, so I’m way ahead on that.  I notice my niece has friended me – I presume out of mercy – so my numbers are up.  Forty more friends and I’ll be in the three digits. Ask: how long has it been since I’ve had face time with real people? Been to a three-dimensional, real-time party? Hosted one?  Longer than I care to admit.

I’m too busy in my shadow world. I have to see what everybody’s loving on You Tube; how my niece is faring on her Odyssey term paper; what my brother learned at his Facebook Anonymous meeting; why my college friend in upstate NY left home with neither husband nor GPS and what happened when she got lost: this, and so much more. Who cares if I haven’t seen or seen or spoken to some of them in decades; it seems we’re picking up right where we left off. It’s lovely. I can’t wait until the sun comes out and I can sit on my deck catching up with all of them.

Day 10: I LOVE FACEBOOK! It’s like being in a giant backyard full of friends.

Ah, the things we used to do! Oh, the things we could do! Together, they boggle the mind. Not only this, but I find myself incredibly funny on Facebook. How DID I get to be this funny? Was I always? How come I wasn’t more popular? How come I don’t have more friends yet? Are they enjoying someone else’s page more?

Day 11: If you must know, I’m fading.  I realize the show must go on, but I’m weary of entertaining everyone.  This one wants a pillow fight, another one is poking me, a few kind souls are recruiting me to save the rainforest and a bunch of them are waiting to hear what I had for lunch. Trust me, it was nothing special. If you must know, it was more of what I had yesterday. Not sure I care to hear what you had either.  Some of my horde of friends –- admittedly, a modest number by Facebook standards — are already beginning to get on my nerves, or maybe it’s just the lot of them. I may take a leave of absence, a short sabbatical. People, I have to comb my hair.

Day 12: Taking cover on the inside. Fixing lunch for my daughter and keeping it to myself.

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