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Toyota: A Merry Game of Chance

February 1, 2010

How’s this for a game of chance:  my 79 year-old mother the retired minister is wondering whether or not to drive her Prius with the runaway accelerator to the dealer who doesn’t know how to fix it.  The nice man at the dealership told her they’re working on the problem and they’re doing their best and Lord knows she doesn’t want to make him feel bad because he IS trying, and isn’t that ALL a person can DO? In the meantime, she’s wondering if she should keep driving herself to church, her grand-daughters to their ballet lessons and crew and chorus practices, and considering whether the advice to turn off the ignition and pull to the side of the road – if you can – is going to work as well as it’s supposed to, if the time comes.  We are all thinking how adept we are – it’s a tradition in our family – at making even the worst thing into a good story so we half-wish something a little bit exciting would happen, but not at anyone’s expense.

My sister-in-law says Toyota should hire a crack team of stunt drivers to drive all the cars back to the dealers, and that it would make a nice reality show. My ex says she should have her lawyer call the dealer and put them on notice that she will be charging a rental car to their account plus an hour of his time and if they object she will be suing them.  I’m for a little of both.

In the meantime, I propose someone – perhaps a grand-daughter– film my mother calling the dealer and asking them if they could come and pick up the car that has already run away on her three times, and post it on You Tube.   You heard it here first.

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