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I want me a fast train

November 22, 2010

I’d like to talk about this little fracas over airport security.

If you ask me, it’s little more than an argument to put more money into a high-speed rail system like in Japan, and China, and France, and Germany, and most every other civilized country.

We’ve promised $8 Billion to the project; in China they’ve invested over $300 Billion.

People are going from place to place fast and I bet they are enjoying it.

Does anybody know? Does anybody care?

I want me a fast train. I wish in this Puritanical, impractical, unromantic country someone would build one that stretched from end to end, and I could ride it. I would visit Montana, and Kansas City, and the Grand Canyon. I would not complain about being frisked a little.

And while they’re at it, how about nice china and stainless silverware in the dining room, cloth napkins, etc. How about tablecloths pinned down with silver clips, like the scene in North by Northwest where Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant plan a rendez-vous in her cabin. The train tilts, the wine glass leans, their hands touch, the scenery passes by them and before you know it they’re necking in the sleeping car. Couldn’t we all use a little more of this?

I know why everyone’s pissed off.  It’s not just about privacy, and it’s not just about energy. It never is that simple.  There’s a shortage of romance in this country, and it’s making everyone cranky.  Throw a little more money at the high-speed train, and I bet we all forget about the airport.

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