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Winter Travel: a Game of Points

December 27, 2011

Losing coat at gate before midnight flight -5

First wretched night’s sleep on plane   -7

Shimmering sunset over Lake A. +8

Really funny stories at dinner (everyone on FIRE!) +6

Believing the waiter is laughing with you, not at you +3

Dessert more delicious than expected +2.5

Viciously bitten by bedbugs -15

Weak coffee the local norm -10

No espresso to be found -5

First espresso in six days +25

Great bowl of mussels +5

Getting sick a few hours later -8

Really funny drive +4

Harrowing turn around blind curve while laughing  +6/-6 = 0

Life flashing before eyes + 10/-10 + 0

Second bad night’s sleep in hotel bed -8

Excellent poolside nap +10

Sun shining brightly + 5

Disappointing Mojito -3

Exhilarating swim in lake  +8

Idea of paddle-boating next day +10

Kids’ vicious arguing in paddleboat -8

Souvenirs left in hotel room -?

Children’s copious weeping en route to airport -15

Arriving narrowly on time to airport -5

Trip over, still alive +?

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  1. December 28, 2011 12:25 am

    Terrific story; really kept moving. Unique style,and unique in that there are no swipes at the TSA!
    I think a few more “Game of Points” and you will have established one of your signature specialties.

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